Roy Rogers

RR Gambrills, LLC     Construction Management

RR Pasadena, LLC    Construction Management

Harmon Music Management, LLC

Nashville, TN           Management Entity; Organizational Development

GT Annapolis, LLC               Management Entity 

​GT Burtonsville, LLC            Construction Management

GT Chantilly, LLC                 FF&E Fulfillment 

GT Fort Belvoir, LLC             FF&E Fulfillment

GT Gambrills, LLC                Management Entity 
GT Pasadena, LLC              Construction Management
GT Old Town Fairfax, LLC    Construction Management

Rockfish Acquisitions, LLC - Annapolis, MD                                 Construction Management

Blackwall Hitch Alexandria, LLC - Alexandria, VA                         Management Entity

Blackwall Hitch Rehoboth Beach, LLC - Rehoboth Beach, DE    Construction Management

The Blackwall Hitch

GT Mid-States, LLC

Our Clients...


Real Estate Holding Entity

The Y of Central MD (Tenant)    Property Management

Edgewater Fitness, LLC

Edgewater Athletic Club    Management Entity

Health & Fitness Center - Edgewater, MD 


Big Vanilla Athletic Club - Pasadena, MD    Construction Management; Former Management Entity

The Y of Central Maryland (Tenant)             Current Property Management

​Real Estate and Related Entities:

Rt. 100 Retail Center, LLC (Real Estate Development Entity)

Chesapeake Health Park, LLC (Property Development Entity)